33 Days
with Jesus Christ™
for Greater
Peace, Serenity, & Joy

A Spiritual Program for Individuals, Prayer Groups, Bible Study or other Church Groups

Perhaps it is no accident that you are here. Listening to your guardian angel again, maybe?

Perhaps you know that you want something more, that there is a hole or an ache you cannot seem to satisfy and that has caused you to search………

Are you looking for something to help take you to the next level in your spiritual life?

Something to help you probe more deeply the spirit within your innermost being?

Is your hurried, chaotic or even painful everyday life leaving you wanting more peace, serenity, and joy?

Then perhaps having a guide who can lead you on a spiritual exercise or ‘retreat’ experience (we will call it a retreat for simplicity) such as this may be for you, either individually or as part of a small group.

The materials found here are designed to take you on a spiritual retreat, either individually or as part of a prayer or church group. It is meant to take the person on a retreat, the retreatant, on a journey into one’s innermost being to either begin or deepen your dialogue with the Person of Jesus Christ. And the fruit of this dialogue is peace, serenity and joy in any circumstance of life that only He can give, but the world can never give. So, congratulations on taking the first step of turning that flame in your heart into a Blowtorch!

Just getting the book, prayer journal & guide and participating in the 33 Days spiritual retreat says a lot about the disposition of your heart and spirit. God will honor that and provide the graces you need for whatever He intends for you as you go on this spiritual adventure! He is your guide! He set you on this path and He will not withhold anything you need for the journey.

His is the only Way. There is no other way that will last through every circumstance and trial of life! His Way leads to eternal Peace, Serenity, and Joy in His Presence!

Structure of the Spiritual Exercise as a ‘Retreat’ Program

The retreat, for however long it takes you, is broken down into 33 Days.

Day 1                    Orientation

Day 2                    Introduction

Day 3 to 32           The 30 Days of Volume Two Messages

Day 33                  Assessment

How you do the 33 Days is completely open to your needs and situation in life. It can be done daily, weekly or monthly. The Days can be done individually, taking 33 days or even 33 weeks. The guides below have some suggestions in them.

How long it takes you is how long it takes. Volume Two took me over a year the second time I went through it! If you feel called by the Spirit to do the retreat, then just trust and do it. Let Him guide you through it!

Free Materials & the Conditions

For a limited time, the materials below are free resources provided to help you grow in your spiritual life. They are also being prepared for publication, and as such are copyrighted.

You may download them for your individual use, but please refrain from emailing or otherwise distributing them to others. The guides are provided for those who give a valid email address as a way of giving us a means of communicating updates and the availability of new materials.

If you know others who would like these materials, we would ask and encourage you to copy and email this url to them so they can download these materials.


Note that the Leader’s Guide and the Individual Guide are substantially different. The Leader’s Guide also contains A Simplified Retreat for groups with limited time.

Group Leader’s Guide

If you are planning on leading a group through the retreat over any period of time, then the materials you will need are as follows :

  1. Leader’s Retreat Facilitation Guide (free – save $7.99) – download here
  2. Orientation to the 30 Days – download here
  3. Eight Principles – download here
  4. Foundations of Prayer – download here
  5. Preparation for the Retreat participant handout – download here

Individual’s Guide

If you are planning on doing the retreat over any period of time by yourself, OR you are a participant in a group retreat, then the materials you will need are as follows:

  1. Personal Retreat Guide (free – save $5.99)(optional for participants in a group retreat) – download here
  2. Orientation to the 30 Days – download here
  3. Eight Principles – download here
  4. Foundations of Prayer – download here