A Deeper Calling

Jesus, You want us to know Your Presence especially in the tabernacle, but also in the world as never before. We see Your fulfillment of that as we look around us and see Your hand at work in Your people.

You say You are doing something completely new. Are we open to it? Or do we prejudge this work and Your words to us? Are we so proud and so wise that we trust our judgment over Your new way of intervention in the world? Was that not the sin of those who persecuted the prophets, Jesus and his Apostles and disciples throughout the Bible?

Lord, open our minds and hearts to Your Spirit!  Open our minds and fill our hearts each day, and each moment in each day to the new ways You mean to intervene in our lives and in the lives of others through us as we open our hearts to You and to them in love!

You want to teach us things that until now, in this time were the secrets of heaven?!  But how can we – or our humanity receive such a gift?  Only with Your grace, my Jesus!  Otherwise the knowledge of heaven’s secrets would be wasted.

Prepare our souls for such a precious gift, Lord, for we cannot hope to contain what You desire to teach us – those things that before now You waited until a soul reached heaven to reveal.  There must have been a reason for You to not reveal heaven’s secrets to mortals until now, therefore, our souls could not possibly have been ready for it without special grace from You!  Open our hearts, Lord!  Fill them with Your grace!

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