The Healer

The human heart was created only for love, love of God, love for one another, and love for all of God’s creation.

And yet, as we know from our own experience of life, there is all too frequently so much pain and suffering that the human heart is trampled, torn and left broken, shattered, and deeply wounded. Oh, so much pain that at times, it is a wonder that we go on living.

It matters little whether the pain is self inflicted from our own sinful behavior, from others, or from nature itself such as death, the human heart was not originally created for pain. Only love.

What is our recourse when we experience such pain? The normal answer from our humanity is to seek a cure, and the options are as many as there are individuals. Typically, those include medications, psychological treatment, addictions, anger or revenge, and so on.

But there is only One Healer, Jesus Christ.

When we approach Him in complete poverty, knowing that we cannot care for or heal our own hearts, He is sure to have compassion on a beggar. It is in presenting Him with the fragments of a wounded and broken heart with complete abandonment and total faith in His love and mercy that draws His compassionate and loving gaze. We reach out to merely touch the hem of His garment to feel the healing grace begin to flow into us.

The Healer is sure to have mercy on every poor beggar who approaches Him.

If the beggar is detached, then in His time and in His way, the Healer will surely have mercy on the one he so lovingly created.

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