The Importance of Social Connections for Spiritual Resilience

One of the core principles of Christianity is social connection.  For Christians, it is the community of believers we come together with to worship, praise, pray, serve and fellowship. “For where two or three are gathered in my name…” (Matthew 18:20) The science of neuroplasticity tells us that positive social connection is positive medicine for the brain and has profound effects mentally, psychologically, and physically. Positive social connection rewires the brain for joy and optimism.

Spiritual resiliency is perfected in a positive social connection of a community of believers. Note the focus on the essential element of ‘positive’ as there are unfortunately many examples of negative.  When the community of believers comes together in affirming ways to provide encouragement each of the elements of spiritual resilience are encouraged and reinforced. We do not proceed to the goal without the team, the community of believers who not only provide every type of human support, and role models, but also intercede to God for us to grow in our resilience.  What more could we want in our development of spiritual resilience than the community of believers in Jesus Christ to support us?

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