The Second Coming of Jesus

Everyone who is Christian and even those who are not know the prophecy that Jesus will return in glory.  Actually, I believe He is in the process of returning even now, at this moment in time.  You heard that right.  The Second Coming will not be just a onetime event, which of course it will be the greatest of events since the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Jesus is in the process of returning now.  He is coming now, ever so lovingly, but ever so urgently! You need not wait, wondering when He will come again.  I believe that He is in the process of returning now! In some extraordinary ways!

Consider for a moment the movement of a great general who is intent on recapturing lost territory.  He sends in the advance troops to prepare the way ahead of him and his army.  Jesus has not neglected the world until his eventual return in triumph.  He has sent many a prophet ahead of him, from the saints to Billy Graham to Martin Luther King to Mother Teresa to the Pope and on and on.  He has even allowed apparitions by His Mother to warn us like those of Fatima and Lourdes.

And now He is sending his lay apostles into the world ahead of his final appearance in an unprecedented manner. But, in these times, He is in the process of coming in a much more profound and personal way as He is coming through His very Presence.

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