Introduction. THE POINT. 1st Point.

THE POINT: Jesus loves you beyond anything you have ever experienced or can imagine. (p.14)


1. Are you truly open to being loved by Me, Jesus, in a totally new way, unlike anything you have ever experienced from Me in the past? How do you imagine that will be?

My response to Him:

You know I am open, Jesus. But truly open? Give me the grace! Ah, but I need to clear the air between us, get it out in the open, making an honest admission. You also know that I have doubted Your love for me in the past, because I was focused on me and what I wanted as opposed to Your Will for me. Forgive me. I know and trust that You will forgive and forget it and put it behind You, and I will do the same.

I am excited about being loved by You in new ways!

Each day in my prayer, I look for the continuing unfolding of those new ways of being loved by You. I see it happening in small ways each day. I anticipate the newness of Your love each day.

And the sure knowledge of Your love for me brings me serenity and joy no matter how my day unfolds.

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