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Welcome to “Turn it into a Blowtorch!”

Peace be with you!

It is awesome that you are here! We are excited that you found us!

We hope and pray that this website can help you on your spiritual journey in some small way and contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ.

We are in the process of building a community of believers in Jesus Christ the King who want more peace, serenity and joy in their own lives and those of those who are dear to them.

You already have faith, perhaps even a strong faith, but sometimes, when things are difficult, you wish it were stronger.  And truth be told, as you look to the future, it sometimes causes anxiety. The rate of change and turmoil in the world is only increasing. There is nothing on the horizon that indicates it will get better in the affairs of man any time soon. The future certainly does portend great upheavals from what we have known in the past.

But where suffering or chaos is present, grace abounds if we avail ourselves of it.  The other reality is that in our time of need, we cannot exercise a muscle we have never developed sufficient for the need at the time. It takes long hard work to build strong spiritual muscle and staying power – resilience.

The book and this web site have a single focus: to help you develop a deeper relationship and dialogue with the Person of Jesus Christ that has as its fruit greater peace, serenity and joy in your life. And by possessing that gift, attract others to that same relationship.

The book and web site are simply tools to show you a path you may choose where someone else has already gone.

My prayer is that through a deeper dialogue with Jesus Christ, you may come to know a peace, serenity and joy greater than you have ever known. And the flame of love for Him in your heart turns into a blowtorch so bright that everyone who sees you sees Him!

May peace, serenity and joy be yours as Jesus turns that flame in your heart into a Blowtorch!


Introduction. THE POINT. 1st Point.

THE POINT: Jesus loves you beyond anything you have ever experienced or can imagine. (p.14)


1. Are you truly open to being loved by Me, Jesus, in a totally new way, unlike anything you have ever experienced from Me in the past? How do you imagine that will be?

My response to Him:

You know I am open, Jesus. But truly open? Give me the grace! Ah, but I need to clear the air between us, get it out in the open, making an honest admission. You also know that I have doubted Your love for me in the past, because I was focused on me and what I wanted as opposed to Your Will for me. Forgive me. I know and trust that You will forgive and forget it and put it behind You, and I will do the same.

I am excited about being loved by You in new ways!

Each day in my prayer, I look for the continuing unfolding of those new ways of being loved by You. I see it happening in small ways each day. I anticipate the newness of Your love each day.

And the sure knowledge of Your love for me brings me serenity and joy no matter how my day unfolds.